Artificial Afterlife Compilation

There is something new and exciting on the Aphasia’s Bandcamp page and it’s a compilation ! Artificial Afterlife is not the sequel of Futura Compilation which was our first compilation made by Aphasia’s artists back in 2012. Artificial Afterlife is a very special compilation because the concept behind the idea and the artists line-up was curated by STARFORCE. So this is basically a compilation by Starforce featuring its favorite artists, who have been asked to compose exclusive tracks for the compilation.

Artificial Afterlife brings something fresh and very interesting to listen to, there is a great variety of atmospheres which define Starforce’s taste. The choice of the artists is nicely made. A mix of the biggest names in the scene along with some amazing underrated talents.

This compilation is definitely a great way to discover new music and artists, especially when it’s a Free Download release !

You can listen and download the Artificial Afterlife compilation right here.



Highlights of 2013

Highlights of 2013

Happy New Year to everybody! Hope you all had a great year – we certainly did!

So what happened in the Aphasia camp in 2013? Let’s see…

To top it all we want to share what we enjoyed the most in 2013, so here’s our top 5 track and top 5 albums.
Note: the lists might include albums and tracks from late 2012.


Perturbator’s Top 5 Tracks – 2013

  1. Power Glove – Motorcycle Cop
  2. Noir Deco – Rasalom
  3. Gost & Motion Static – Tokyo
  4. Le Cassette – Tonight
  5. Makeup And Vanity SetYearling

Perturbator’s Top 5 LPs/EPs – 2013

  1. Vildhjarta – Thousands Of Evils
  2. Cult Of Luna – Vertikal
  3. Judge Bitch – Viper
  4. Gost – Nocturnal Shift
  5. Le Matos – Join Us

Protector 101

Protector 101’s Top 5 Tracks – 2013

  1. ЭЛЕКТРОНИКА 302 (Electronica 302) – Всё видно очень ясно
  2. Power Glove – Motorcycle Cop
  3. Noir Deco – Rasalom
  4. Prof. Zonic Zynth – Natural Flair
  5. OGRE – Calico Dawn

Protector 101’s Top 5 Albums – 2013

  1. Street Cleaner – Street Cleaner
  2. Vercetti Technicolor – Bay Of Blood EP
  3. Haüer – Inifinitesimal
  4. C-jeff – Big Steel Wheels

Judge Bitch

Judge Bitch’s Top 5 Tracks – 2013

  1. Jackson and His Computerband – Vista (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
  2. Gesaffelstein – Hate or Glory
  3. Perturbator – Angel Dust
  4. Carpenter Brut – SexKiller On The Loose
  5. Gucci Mane – Trap House III

Judge Bitch’s Top 5 Albums – 2013

  1. Perturbator – Sexualizer EP
  2. Carpenter Brut – EP II
  3. Gucci Mane – Trap House III
  4. Gesaffelstein – Aleph
  5. French Montana – Excuse My French

Lueur Verte

Lueur Verte’s Top 5 Tracks – 2013

  1. Dance With The Dead – Thrasher
  2. Lost Years – Lightbringers
  3. Perturbator – Meet Jimmy (Feat. Le Cassette)
  4. Lazerhawk – A Promise
  5. Dynatron – Cruiser


Dynatron’s Top 5 Tracks – 2013

  1. Lazerhawk – A Promise
  2. Power Glove – Blood Dragon Theme (Reprise)
  3. Highway Superstar – The Road To Alpha Centauri
  4. Betamaxx – Only in Movies
  5. D/A/D – Orion Beach

Dynatron’s Top 5 Albums – 2013

  1. Lazerhawk – Skull and Shark
  2. Lost Years – Black Waves
  3. Betamaxx – Interface
  4. D/A/D – The Construct
  5. Sellorekt/LA Dreams – Flashback 1986

Arcade High

Arcade High’s Top 5 Tracks – 2013

  1. Le Collage – Me & U
  2. Silent Gloves (Feat. Patrick Baker) – So Real
  3. The Knocks – Magic (Viceroy Remix)
  4. Hayden James – Permission To Love
  5. Tesla Boy – Undetected

Arcade High’s Top 5 Albums – 2013

  1. CHVRCHES – The Bones of What You Believe
  2. Bestrack – Workout 2000
  3. Anamanaguchi – Endless Fantasy
  4. Tesla Boy – The Universe Made Of Darkness
  5. Starcadian – Sunset Blood


Starforce’s Top 5 Tracks – 2013

  1. Dynatron – Dust Of The Saturn
  2. Cartridge 1987 – The Chase
  3. Compilerbau – Talking Machines
  4. Power Glove – Motorcycle Cop
  5. Cobra Copter – Rebel Heart

Starforce’s Top 5 Albums – 2013

  1. cTrix – A for Amiga
  2. Arc Neon – Blood Sport 2092
  3. Dallas Campbell – The Protostellar Phase
  4. Protector 101 – Hunter’s Journey
  5. Betamaxx – Sophisticated Technology

Action Jackson

Action Jackson’s Top 5 Tracks – 2013: 

  1. Chaconne – Dreamers
  2. Cobra Copter – Showdown
  3. Perturbator – Retrogenesis
  4. MPM – Dead End
  5. Greetings Program – LSU123

Action Jackson’s Top 5 Albums – 2013: 

  1. Highway Superstar – Take My Time
  2. Mitch Murder – The Touch
  3. Lueur Verte – Crystalica
  4. Lazerhawk – Skull and Shark
  5. Prof. Zonic Zynth – L.A. Harmonies



Lueur Verte – Crystalica EP


After more than one year without new tracks, Lueur Verte is back with his debut EP called “Crystalica”. A 5 track-epic journey through the mysterious world of Lueur Verte. You can buy the EP on Aphasia Records Bandcamp, also available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon.

Video Teaser for Lueur Verte – Crystalica EP :


For more updates about Lueur Verte, follow his Facebook Page, Instagram,  SoundCloud and Twitter.

Vector Hold – Classics

Vector Hold is bringing to us a new album called “Classics” including most of his all-time classic tunes. He just got a brand new visual identity (logo,artwork,cover) made by the hands of Aphasia Records. Vector Hold is actually working on a new album full of new tracks, it will be released in January on Aphasia Records.

You can buy “Classics” on Vector Hold’s Bandcamp page.

For more updates about Vector Hold, follow his Facebook Page, SoundCloud and Twitter.


Arcade High is funding an 80s action short film titled Rage. You can help fund the film by checking out the compilation featuring artists like Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Protector 101, Tommy etc…

The story follows Kurt Niles, an every day guy living in the neon-lit Halogen City. After being left dead in the streets by a gang called The Dangers, Kurt returns from his asphalt grave and goes on a bloody rampage to save the girl he loves. Inspired by early 90s arcade beat-em ups and action films of the 1980s, Rage sets out to be a wild ride of blood, guts, and neon lights.


Rage (2013) from Illusion Films Pittsburgh on Vimeo.


The music of the compilation is inspired by the short film Rage, being created by a group of young filmmakers based in Pittsburgh, PA. Directed and co-written by Aphasia’s artist Arcade High. You can still contribute to fund Rage by purchasing the compilation via Telefuture Bandcamp page.


Thanks for your support.

One Year Ago

One year ago we released  the Futura Compilation, it was our first compilation.

It was such a good experience to work on this project, the compilation had 9 tracks from every Aphasia artists (of that time) including 5 exclusive tracks. We were really amazed by the success of that compilation, actually Futura Compilation has been downloaded  more than 2200 times ! So we decided to work on a new one, and it should hopefully come out before the end of 2013. The Futura Compilation is still available for Free Download on Aphasia Records Bandcamp page.

Back To The Future

We are proud to introduce the official Aphasia Records website!

It’s been a long time since we had this project and things came slowly but surely with the precious help of Dynatron who made everything possible.
Here, we will post updates, news, inspirations, 80s stuff and more ! It will bring a new dimension to the Aphasia collective, a new platform to express our world.

So get ready for a time travel and let’s go back to the rockin’ times of the 80s !