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Featured Artist : Arcis

Arcis is a talented artist from Oslo, Norway which produces music with an authentic 80s feeling, there’s a lot of artists trying to emulate that authentic 80s sound but Arcis is definitely one of the best for successfully achieving it.

From the cold lands of Norway to the hottest summer days in Miami, Arcis’s music is intensively nostalgic and gives perfectly that Miami Vice feeling. This is the kind of music you want to listen while driving an offshore boat during the sunset.

The production behind Arcis’s music is really impressive, the choice of the instruments, the melodies, there’s a deep composition with serious skills. It’s hard to believe this was made nowadays, you can’t tell if the music is from the 80s or 2016.

Arcis released a fantastic EP in June named “Waves”, which is my favorite one from him, all the tracks are pure gems, one track from the EP got quite a lot of attention and popularity and became the “hit” from the release.

That track is “Speed Boat Theme” and the title fits perfectly with the feeling this track gives.

I also really love the track “Sunset Beach“. The EP got a stunning artwork made by Forces Creative.

Arcis really knows how to deliver quality content.

You can buy the Waves EP on Arcis’s Bandcamp page, and his other great releases that i didn’t mention.

Make sure to follow Arcis on SoundCloud and Facebook.