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Featured Artist : ROBORG

It’s been a long time since there was no “Featured Artist” posts on the website and it’s been also a long time since I haven’t heard something as good as the new single from ROBORG.

ROBORG is a Cyberpunk/Darksynth artist from Prague, Czech Republic, he is actually in the “Synthwave” scene since 2016 but his notoriety is sadly not as big as his talent.  

ROBORG has delivered with his new single “Creator’ an amazing cyberpunk inspired work, a true masterpiece which is really close to Perturbator‘s composition skill. “Creator” is actually a single from ROBORG’s upcoming new album.

I have heard some demos from the upcoming album from ROBORG and all I can say is that it’s really promising!

Definitely one of the best cyberpunk artist to keep an eye on!

You can buy “Creator” and ROBORG’s other works here.

You can follow and support ROBORG on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

Lueur Verte – Trinity

Lueur Verte is back with a new single, a Cyberpunk inspired track full of futuristic synths which create a whole new soundscape that Lueur Verte never explored before. A futuristic city and a mysterious masked girl, that sounds just like an epic story, the journey is starting here.

“Trinity” is available as Name Your Price download on Lueur Verte’s Bandcamp page.