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Lueur Verte’s Crystalica Vinyl & CD

Yes, you read that right, after almost 8 years, Lueur Verte‘s Crystalica EP will finally being released on physical format such as vinyl and CDs!

In 2019 thanks to Playmaker Media (Belgium), Crystalica was released on a very limited run of 50 transparent purple cassettes (sold out).

This time the vinyl and CDs will be handled by Darkhan Music (Norway) which has previously released the Synthwave side project of Morten Bergeton Iversen from the legendary Black Metal band Mayhem.

Lueur Verte’s Crystalica will be pressed on a first limited run of 250 transparent 180 gram vinyl with purple marbling and on jewel case CDs.

The distribution will also probably happen in some physical stores.

The release date is planned for January 15th 2021.

You can now Pre-Order here.

Shipping will be worldwide from the dark and cold lands of Norway.



The Midnight – Los Angeles (Lueur Verte Remix)

Since we are all stuck at home with the Coronavirus lockdown, The Midnight announced few days ago a Remix Contest to help boredom during those hard times.

They let artists choose between 4 tracks, “Los Angeles”, “Explorers”, “The Comeback Kid” and “River of Darkness.
Remixes are quite fun to make usually, it’s a good way to show composition creativity with vocals.
It’s actually one of Lueur Verte’s favorite exercise to do, as he did many remixes in the past, it was a pretty good challenge to make specially knowing that there was a one week deadline!

Cover artwork made by Lueur Verte

Lueur Verte actually finished his entry for the contest in just 4-5 days.
You can listen to the remix below and compare it to the original track right under the remix.


Original track by The Midnight:

Terminator Theme by Lueur Verte

Terminator has always been a source of inspiration for many Synthwave artists, not only for its incredible retro futuristic atmosphere but also for its dark and epic soundtrack.

Brad Fiedel’s work is very inspiring and has definitely marked a big step in the Retrofuture/Cyberpunk genre.

French artist Lueur Verte did a remake of the “Terminator Theme”, with this work, he makes his own tribute with some re-arrangement of the track.

Cover created by Lueur Verte

Skynet’s cyber war representation fits very well with Lueur Verte’s “Terminator Theme”.

The Endoskeleton has always been such a fascinating character, his strength and determination are feared by all.

You can download the track here.

Crystalica EP – Limited Edition Cassette

It’s been 6 years since Lueur Verte has released his first EP “Crystalica” and for the first time ever a limited edition cassette release is now available via Playmaker Media store.

Playmaker exists as a blog and as an independent label since 2009, it’s definitely one of the pioneers of this scene , they are specialized in cassette and vinyl releases since the past few years. Playmaker has been working with many big names of the scene and their quality of work is as big as their passion.

Head over Playmaker store to grab your copy of this classic release by Lueur Verte.

Limited Edition of 50, Pro-tapes in clear purple shell with colorful artwork.

Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on these beauties before they are sold out!

For digital download head over Aphasia Records store.

Lueur Verte – Trinity

Lueur Verte is back with a new single, a Cyberpunk inspired track full of futuristic synths which create a whole new soundscape that Lueur Verte never explored before. A futuristic city and a mysterious masked girl, that sounds just like an epic story, the journey is starting here.

“Trinity” is available as Name Your Price download on Lueur Verte’s Bandcamp page.

Lueur Verte – Crystalica EP


After more than one year without new tracks, Lueur Verte is back with his debut EP called “Crystalica”. A 5 track-epic journey through the mysterious world of Lueur Verte. You can buy the EP on Aphasia Records Bandcamp, also available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon.

Video Teaser for Lueur Verte – Crystalica EP :


For more updates about Lueur Verte, follow his Facebook Page, Instagram,  SoundCloud and Twitter.