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The Midnight – Los Angeles (Lueur Verte Remix)

Since we are all stuck at home with the Coronavirus lockdown, The Midnight announced few days ago a Remix Contest to help boredom during those hard times.

They let artists choose between 4 tracks, “Los Angeles”, “Explorers”, “The Comeback Kid” and “River of Darkness.
Remixes are quite fun to make usually, it’s a good way to show composition creativity with vocals.
It’s actually one of Lueur Verte’s favorite exercise to do, as he did many remixes in the past, it was a pretty good challenge to make specially knowing that there was a one week deadline!

Cover artwork made by Lueur Verte

Lueur Verte actually finished his entry for the contest in just 4-5 days.
You can listen to the remix below and compare it to the original track right under the remix.


Original track by The Midnight: